Bringing Dogs and People together

Reactive Dog Program

Does your dog's behavior when he sees other dogs on walks make you dread taking him out?

This three month program focuses on teaching you the handling skills and training techniques to help your dog remain calm so going for walks is enjoyable for both of you!

Goals are specific for each dog & owner team.  Most teams by the end of the program will succeed in reliably passing by the trainer and her dog(s) in close proximity without any reactive behavior, managing other environments like the walking trail around VOA lake, and be able to walk together in a neighborhood setting with the trainer and her dog(s).

Summer 2023 Session (June-August)

Enrollment opening soon!

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Target Audience

Dogs who are friendly to other dogs when off-leash that act like idiots when on leash.

Owners who want help changing their dog's behavior and controlled opportunities to practice around other dogs to set their dogs up for success.

Safety is the first priority!  Dogs who have any history of aggressive behavior will be evaluated on an individual basis to determine fit for the program. 

Program Components & Format

People Seminar (4 hrs)

Presentation/workshop for owners to prepare for the program.  We review how the program works, structure, expectations for owners and the trainer, background theory on reasons why dogs are reactive, learning theory, techniques to change behavior, proper equipment, emergency handling and training techniques.

People Reflections & Lessons (2 hrs)

Monthly group meetings with the trainer and owners currently enrolled in the program.  We will learn from shared experiences and owners will be better able to grasp additional lessons/techniques when not also trying to manage their dog and the environment.

Working Sessions (30-45 mins)

Owners will typically meet the trainer in her Liberty Township neighborhood with their dog.  Live instructions, coaching, and feedback will be provided during the session by using hands-free calling.

Sign up for sessions during the 3 month program period using the online booking calendar.  2-3 days per week is recommended.

Additional Support

The trainer will take additional questions throughout the program and provide feedback on videos submitted by participants via email.